PixelPets is still in development!

If something doesn't seem to be working right, please let me know over at


For a more detailed look at what's planned for the game, jump over to Development.


How do I play?

PixelPets requires a federated social media account to play - that means an account on a site running something like Friendica, Mastodon, Misskey, Pleroma, or one of many other compatible servers.

If you have a social media account but you're not sure if it works, just send a DM to @FrontDesk@pixelpets.xyz with the word "help". If you get a reply, you're good to play!

The currently available pets are all listed on the front page. Each critter comes with a name that will determine their username, their pronouns, and their Home city - the place where they live, go back to after quests, and store their things.

If one of them appeals to you, click on their image for instructions on how to place an adoption request. You'll then be sent a short form to fill out.

How many pets can I have?

You can only adopt ONE critter per account, so make sure you pick someone that you like! The available adoptables on the front page are randomly generated and periodically cleared for new options, so if none of them catch your eye, check back again later. Also, there's no restrictions on having alt accounts.

These names are awkward! Can I rename mine?

Yes! And no. The original name will be part of the pet's username - the handle you use to @ mention them and the link to their profile page. But you can give them whatever nickname you want, which will change what name they show on their account and their profile.

What do these form options mean?

I've adopted a new critter! Now what?

For now, you can talk to your new partner and send them out on quests. Questing is the primary way to gather items, which can then be crafted with and sold in town.

If you interact with them a few times every day, their bond with you will grow and you'll unlock new interactions over time.

The game is still in early development, so there'll be lots more to do in the future! To start, here are some actions you can ask your partner to take.

The FrontDesk account has a full list you can check by messaging them with "keywords".

You can use the keywords anywhere in your post, if you like talking to them in full sentences! e.g. @DragonKzzhek let's go on a new quest! will work just as well as @DragonKzzhek new quest

Can other people talk to my critter?

Yes, anyone can message them, and they'll reply from a standard set of "strangers" responses. (An ability to block certain social media accounts from interacting with your critter is planned for the future, but it'll be a while.) However, as their partner, you're the only one who can follow the account.

In-Game Commands

Help-Desk Commands

The help bot at @FrontDesk@pixelpets.xyz has a number of available command keywords, which you can message it with at any time.

The FrontDesk's own help list is updated before this page, so reference it first and come here if you need more details.

Partner Character Commands

There are a number of keyword actions you can use with your partner critter - and more planned for the future! Here's a list and explanations.

The FrontDesk's own help list is updated before this page, so reference it first and come here if you need more details.