About the Game

PixelPets is still in development! For a more detailed look at what's planned for the game, jump down to Development.

PixelPets is a near-ZPG pet game, designed to be played over federated social media. What that means is that for the most part, the critters do things themselves! If you adopt one to be your partner, you can talk to them and strengthen your bond to get new interactions, and there are a few things you can tell them to do as well, like pick up a new quest or visit a different town or city for a little while.

Once you've been playing for a while, you can begin to customize them further by having them buy new accessories for their wardrobe. Just keep in mind, they have minds of their own - they're the ones who get to decide which accessories they actually wear!

The Critters

Along with the different art, each species has its own personality archetype as well. While this doesn't affect your potential partner's abilities within the game, it does define the kinds of interactions they will have with you, and how they might respond to different tasks and accomplishments.

Dragons are outgoing, eager to make friends and show affection. At the same time, they are often short-tempered, with little patience for annoyances.

Gryphons are high-spirited and energetic - sometimes to a fault. But what they lack in focus, they make up for in enthusiasm.

Mechs are curious, with a keen interest in exploration and new things. Sometimes, though, their interest in one thing leads to a certain obliviousness to everything else around them.

Unicorns have a reputation for being cold and aloof, but really they're just anxious and high-strung. Earning their trust can take time.


New keyword actions are being added all the time! Here are a few useful ones:

Aside from keyword actions, you can post anything you like to your partner critter (or other people's), like many other types of bot accounts. When talking to your own partner critter, however, there's a special set of responses. Interacting with your partner regularly will increase your bond with them, which will gradually unlock new possible responses over time.


The primary thing for your new partner to do is go on quests - exploration tasks that send them out into the wide world with a goal in mind.

If you send your partner on a quest, they'll pick up a task on their own - at this point, the only available options are searching for specific crafting materials, although more quests types are planned for the future. Then they'll start journeying across the map to an area where they think is a good place to look and search until they find it.

Along the way, they'll encounter various situations, like notable environment or travellers in need, which can have different results.

You can also send your partner critter to visit other towns or cities. This will be more important later, but they can still encounter different situations when travelling to a particular place, as well.


While your partner's species and coloration are fixed, you can customize your partner in any number of other ways!

For direct changes, you can set their nickname (display name) and their info (profile summary). These are done with the keywords new nickname New Nickname and new info This is the new profile text. Unfortunately, the info text can't be more than one line.

Also, there's an accessory wardrobe system, where you can influence how your character looks by choosing what it has in its wardrobe. If you find a new wardrobe accessory you like the look of, e.g. the red top hat, you can tell your partner to buy a red top hat to send them off to get it.

Your partner has to buy new accessories with game currency, though, and the only way to earn coins is to craft items from gathered materials - so get out there and start questing!


When you first adopt a critter, you can choose whether or not you want them to be able to socialize with other in-game critters. Having the option on means that when they're hanging out in a town or city, sometimes they'll interact with other characters who are there too!

Social interactions can be positive or negative, which affects their overall relationship status with the other character. Positive interactions progress towards building friendships, while negative interactions progress towards making enemies.

A character's mood affects how positive or negative the interactions will be, so if you want them to have lots of friends (or lots of enemies!) keep an eye on their profile or check in with "how are you" to see their mood and whether maybe they should head out on another adventure for a little while.


I have a lot planned for the game! The following features are confirmed and actively in the works:

And then for some other features which are planned, but further down the queue:

And lastly, the Known Bugs list: